• Garage


In complete comfort, you can easily reach the hotel by car and access the lobby directly from the indoor garage.
  • Capacity : 40 parking spaces.
  • Security : Indoor parking.
  • Address : double entrance to the garage in via Degli Usberti No. 1.
  • Entrance : via external doorbell in front of both doors and identification by the reception staff.
  • Schedule : the only garage open 24/7
  • Convenience and Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL) : We open the doors of the center thanks to the rapid number plate signaling for access to the ZTL area controlled by cameras (SIRIO) and precise directions for getting around the central area. The Hotel Palace is located in the centre, therefore in a restricted traffic area. It is possible to obtain the free permit to enter the ZTL by filling in the appropriate form upon arrival at the facility (therefore after having already passed the ZTL gates). The references of your vehicle's license plate must be provided at check-in.
  • Prohibited area: via Indipendenza, Ugo Bassi and Rizzoli are streets entirely closed to traffic except for buses and taxis and therefore not covered by the ZTL permit.

For the recommended route, download the pdf map indicated below:



  • Daily Rates for Hotel Guests : From € 20.00 to € 25.00 per day.
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